Steven Vogel / Interview

Our first introduction to the work of Steven Vogel was through his 2007 book, Streetwear; The Insiders Guide. Since our discovery of Vogel we became avid readers of the various outlets through which he has shared his work and writing.

The Black Lodges in particular was a website which featured writing from Vogel and a number of other creatives in the fashion and design world, every week it provided interesting reading and an escape from the university coursework we were swamped with at that time.

The Black Lodges has since returned, this time as an outlet for his own writing, work and the online store One Eyed Jacks. He also contributes to The Reference Council, an online destination for current affairs, design, fashion and music, a site which doesn't practice the repeated programming of some sites of this niche.

As someone who inspired the birth of Fiend Projects and Curious Fiend, we're stoked to have Steven on our little site.

Describe what you do and what led you to doing it, also, what was your plan B?

I am a freelance creative director & full time dad in real life. I have absolutely no idea how I got here, but I enjoy that. When I started University I wanted to be a history teacher, but skating and partying got in the way of that. At least that’s what I blame it on. I never did have a plan and have no intention of having one for the future, but a plan B involves living on a pacific island sellling coconuts and used surfboards to tourists.

Where do you live and what is your favourite and least favourite thing about it?

I live in St. Pauli, Hamburg. It’s an interesting place to live, it’s a very political part of the world, with pretty much everything I could ask for outside my door and within walking distance. The part I dislike the most is the winter weather here, it’s shit for someone who prefers summer all year around, but as we say around here, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing.

If you could live anywhere else for a year where would that be and how would you spend the year?

Most likely Joshua Tree, California. I love the desert and specifically, that one. I would spend that year exploring, hiking, making music, drinking coffee and forgetting about the world.

If money was no object what dreams would you live out?

Constant travel to be honest. I enjoy nothing more than travelling, and there is still loads of the world I haven’t seen.

Name one person or thing that has inspired your work and how?

Ian Paley of Garbstore in London. I have been fortunate enough to know and work with him for nearly 15 years. His insight, ability to execute whatever his ideas are, intelligence and kindness are second to none and he continues to be a mentor to me on a daily basis.

What plans do you have for the near future?

Again, I dislike plans so there really isn’t one. Living up to the responsibilities I have set for myself as a parent determine some plans, but that’s really it, stay healthy, stay curious and stay rad.

Black Lodges / The Reference Council